Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Just a Note on Typhus

It sucks! It’s horrible and rotten and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy-ok, maybe my worst enemy.
     Yes people, I somehow or another managed to come to Thailand and within three months contract Scrub Typhus. If you are interested, you can read more about it on its wiki page. Basically, for nine days I had the worst fever I’ve ever experienced, accompanied by muscle and joint pain/spasms. There was also a not-so-fun headache and gastrointestinal issues to deal with. I could not seem to get comfortable, no matter what I did. The fever alone was enough to knock me horizontal; then factor in that I had the other symptoms to contend with.
     Very long story shortened, I spent a night in the hospital after two visits within the same week. It was a private hospital so it was very nice and they took good care of me. Most everyone spoke some English so it wasn’t at all awkward or weird, that could have been apathy from the typhus though…

     They took good care of me, except for correctly diagnosing me. They told me it was just a viral infection that needed to run its course. Ha! Infection indeed! Bah!

     My employers were wise enough to know to take me out and have me see a friend of theirs who specializes in internal medicine. He runs his own private hospice and after thoroughly looking over my tests and paperwork from the hospital he talked with me for about ten minutes. Voila, the diagnosis of Scrub Typhus was, well, diagnosed. Now all I have to do is take two pills a day for a seven-day regimen and I will be better. My fever broke after the first two days on this drug so I think this Doc was right on.
     But I mean really, c’mon, Scrub Typhus? I’ve got some weird luck.  

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