Sunday, April 22, 2012

A few highlights from April

I've been up to no good, and some good. So, basically, I've just been up. Recently I went to Don Wai floating market and took a boat tour. It was really interesting seeing all the traditional Thai houses on support beams in the water. And they had gardens in the water. Very pretty.
I went with a friend, her child, and her parents. Her parents were both very nice and went out of their way to include me, even though they both spoke very little English. They bought me a plate from our boat trip.
I'm the pale one. ;)

Something I've discovered -I love Fried bananas. So very good. Here, I'll share.

Clearly they looked and smelled so good that the twins wanted some too, naturally. 

And since I'm posting food pictures, here are some Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries. 

I've been invited to dinner at a nice Thai buffet on Thursday, so maybe I'll have some picture worthy eats for you to look at. But I have to admit this...
I always want to take pictures of the food but when it comes it looks and smells so appealing that usually I've taken several bites before I can remember to take a picture. 

Also, there is an abundance of Mango here. Which I love because mangoes rock. 

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