Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Very Own Mission Statement

For whatever reason, you have stumbled upon the genius that is Paige. I say this with a great big grin on my face and maybe a cute little twinkle in my eye. Please don't mistake me for arrogant or abrasive in nature (though, I do possess this odd tendency to always be right). If you follow your horoscope, then you will know what I mean when I say that I am a full-blown Aries. I’m hoping to keep you coming back with my indelible charm and sharp wit, so that I have a willing audience (But I have a room set up in the basement, just in case). If I make you laugh, cry, or I say something so profound that you have to sit down and process, then…cool.
I pronounce this, my very first blog, to be a means of expression, while I spend a year living and working in Bangkok, Thailand. All the juicy details will be in my next post, right now it's my job to get you hooked.

Currently my feet are not so firmly planted in North Carolina, but only for the next 14 days. On the morning of November third, I will step onto a series of planes that will fly me roughly 10,000 miles from home. After almost 28 hours of travel, I will arrive in Bangkok, Thailand and begin a new, exciting, and probably sweatier chapter in my life. I'm not too keen on strict rules or guidelines. Never have been. Being a virgin blogger, I have no desire to follow any formula for blogging. The plan is to share all my fantastic, and even the not so fantastic, experiences I will have. I'm going to discuss everything: food, culture, people, weather, customs, money, news, and most importantly, my feelings. :) Maybe you'll agree with me on some things and maybe you won't. One of the perks to this whole life thing is that we have different opinions. Let's cherish our differences and celebrate our similarities! If you follow me and are not riveted, then maybe I’ll act as your surrogate Lunesta. Either way, I’m at your service.

The Travel Paige has an open door policy. Talk to me about anything. Ask me questions about anything. Argue with me, congratulate me, warn me, share with me, or show me ‘yours’. Though, I do reserve the right to be correct. Tell your friends; I'll be here all year.
So…are you hooked yet?

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