Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Food and Babies

Last night I ate This...
Don't ask me how to spell it, 'cause I really can't. It sounded like baa jaa. It is a Chinese dish; wrapped in a banana leaf is rice, prawns, ginko biloba, dried fruit, peanuts, mushroom, and pepper chicken. It was Very good. I will definitely be having this again. 

It's been pretty monotonous lately. Wake up, shower, work and eat a few times in between. I've always been an avid reader, so I have read a few books since my last post. 

One thing I wanted to point out about Thai culture is that whenever you go into a store/shop/business there are always plenty of employees to help you. Generally, in the States if it can be done by two people than one person does it (so the 'man' can save on labor costs) but I suppose that since the cost of living is so affordable here employers choose to pay attention to customer service. When walking in the bank there is someone to greet you, find out why you are there and facilitate a quick visit. At the mall, small kiosks that normally are run by one person in America have at least three people working. I really like this aspect. It is quite common to see several people standing around because there is not enough work for them all. 
How many jobs have you had where you were doing the work of two or more people? Not fun, right?

I want to post a few pictures of the kids so you can share in the cuteness.

The Twins. On the left is Nadine and on the right is Nathan.

Thursday I've got plans to go to Chinatown with my boss so I think that will be post worthy. Also, tomorrow I will be posting a request for reviews of my blog so I'll know what you do and don't like and how I can improve-just a heads up.

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  1. You need one more 'reactions' check box labeled 'appetizing,' or maybe just 'drooling.'

    I don't suppose the baa jaa would do too well in a FedEx box. Damn the luck!