Friday, November 18, 2011


     Odd how fate decides to time things. Yesterday I was concerned with last minute preparation, packing and saying a few farewells. That was until the EMTs had to come and take my mother to the hospital because we couldn’t wake her. Long story made VERY short because I’m VERY tired-my mom has a very bad pneumonia and is in the ICU of our local hospital. She was out of it for the entire day and night so I was unable to say bye to her (at least a two-way parting). The last we spoke was when I said good night to her on Wednesday. I debated staying. I argued with myself and then argued some more. Cutting to the chase, I’m still going to Bangkok today. I’m sitting in the airport right now waiting for my first of four flights. From my small town in North Carolina I fly to Charlotte, NC, then Washington D.C., then the looooong flight from D.C. to Tokyo, and finally from Japan to Bangkok.
     More news to come but I’m just too ugh right now to be very eloquent. Thanks for sticking with me folks and I promise more upbeat posts in the future, I swear. For now I’m going to go sleep on a few planes, try to enjoy some airline food, and read my Kindle. My suggestion for today? Tell your mom that you love her, maybe have a good conversation with her, and stretch your legs for me so I can at least be comfortable vicariously. 

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