Saturday, November 26, 2011

Work, work, work

     So the leading category in my poll right now is work. Henceforth, (I just like being able to say henceforth, we don't get to use it nearly as much as we should be able to in normal conversation) I shall dish about work.
     Well, the family is very kind and welcoming. They are conscientious about my needs and even keep asking about how my mother is doing. My charge, Nadia, is so adorable. I know I've said that before but it bears repeating. It's been less than a week with her and I think we've already bonded. She has taken to me quickly; she gives me hugs and loves on me so I think that's a yes from her. I'm very excited to watch her learn and grow over the next year. We spend time everyday reading and going over various preschool activities. She is a very smart little girl and I think she will do very well.
     Usually, by the end of the day I've been pretty tired, but I think I'm getting over my jet lag...finally!
I haven't had a chance to explore the neighborhood yet. I think on my day off I'll do that and then report back. Fun Thai fact for the day: the mattresses are much harder over here. I like a good firm mattress myself but just for those discerning travelers who want to know...
     Any specific questions? Feel free to leave not only comments but questions about what it's like over here.


  1. This is Rebecca. I did it!! I caught up to you on your posts. I'm really happy to hear that they are so nice to you. I love that they bought a turkey for Thanksgiving. That really says a lot about them. Nadia sounds too cute. I bet you're glad she took to you so quickly. How is your mom doing?

  2. Me and Austin just read your blog. Sounds like you are having alot of fun. Hope it keeps going well.
    Love and miss you, Zach.

  3. really enjoy your blog paige! i'll be checking everyday.
    steve snead

  4. Thanks everyone, I appreciate your support!
    Mom's doing better. Thanks for asking Becca.
    Miss you Zach.
    Glad to know that you're enjoying it Steve. I'm trying to keep up the momentum .